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Annotated bibliographies are the citations written in the form of well-descriptive paragraphs. Unlike the process of adding citations in research papers, this bibliography has a standard format in which explanatory cited data is added. The annotated bibliography is based on the usually two paragraphs (of 150 to 200 words). Writing the citations in paragraph actually symbolizes annotated bibliography. More than 90% of the authors follow the standard method and add citations in precise form when they do coursework writing.

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Formats and Their Requirements: Annotated Bibliography MLA

There are numerous requirements for popular formats in annotated bibliography. The MLA format is considered as ideal for the professional annotated bibliographies. This format seems a bit difficult. Therefore, you should only use it for writing the bibliography for publishing. The APA annotated bibliography is another ideal format and best for the students. If you’re in the learning phase, this can be the suggested format for writing it.

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Example: Writing an Annotated Bibliography

George, John M. “Dioxin in Myanmar: Challenges to Face in This War.” Perspectives of Environmental Health 206.7 (2005):215. DigQuest. Web. 16 May. 2007.

This is the citation process to begin the annotated bibliography. After writing the citation in this format, you are required to leave some additional space and start working on the annotation. This should be based on almost 150 words in total. Make sure that there should be double line spacing after writing the citation. Start the annotation from the new paragraph. This simple process of writing an annotated bibliography can help you out in creating this one-page document with no hassle. Most of the students who don’t have previous experience of writing annotation should rely on this simple format and example.

Selection of Sources: Tips for All

When you start to choose the sources for citation, try to avoid very much old sources (published journals). The reference of recent or at least a decade old papers must be added to justify the results and making the annotation more relevant to the situations of recent times. The subject or topics must be appropriate and relevant of the chosen sources. There shouldn’t be any compromise on following the format of writing citation. Do not miss even any full stop to show that you’ve followed the format properly.

writing an annotated bibliography australia

Advice by Professional Annotation Writers

Reading a lot about the subject about which you’re going to write is highly important. If you end up in creating an annotated bibliography with less research, it will be difficult to get their approval. Every good annotated bibliography author never rely on shortcuts or simple ways of searching sources for it.

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Annotated bibliographies aren’t simple like essays, articles or other documents. This is a kind of work that highly requires major focus from every aspect. Therefore, you need to rely upon the credible services in case of having 0% knowledge or experience of it. However, if you trust yourself and able to create the best annotated bibliography (with the assurance of acceptance), you can absolutely do it. The purpose of sharing this article is to make you aware of the fact that annotated bibliographies shouldn’t be taken lightly either you’re a student or a professional author. The study before writing is definitely important.

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