Making Your Explanation Essay Australia Perfect

When you’re writing your explanation essay Australia style, you need to be able to report an event or situation using information gleaned from sources other than yourself. Also known as an expository essay, the ultimate purpose of this kind of writing is to transmit detailed subject matter and explain the parts that are hard to understand without possessing specialist knowledge. This essay style is most commonly found when studying scientific subjects.

How to Write an Explanation Essay

As one of the main features of explanation essay writing is its logical approach, structure is a vital component to any good piece of work. Your writing should be evidence-based and thus unbiased. Only facts are relevant here and opinions and personal views do not come into the matter at all. The best way to achieve this is start with an explanation essay outline which will allow you to define your approach before you put pen to paper. In order to get your point across effectively and professionally, there is a whole range of different words and turns of phrase you can use. If you’re trying to explain complex matters in simpler terms, language is the key to your success. You’ll often need to explain things in two ways in the hope that at least one will be understood by your reader. Phrases like “in other words” or “to put it another way” are useful for this.

If you are explaining an attempt to solve a long sought after conundrum, you should first write about the problem itself. Then, you can demonstrate what has been done to investigate it. Using phrases like “to that end” or “in order to” are perfect for this kind of situation. Try to adopt phrases like these in your text and you’ll soon be a master of how to write an explanation essay If you want to build on points you’ve just made by adding extra detail once you feel the reader can cope with it, you have multiple options. Make use of words like “furthermore” and “similarly”.

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Some Handy Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been assigned some difficult explanation essay topics to cover, you’re going to need your wits about you. Try out the tips below and see how far you can get.

explanation essay Australia writing guide

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  • You can make your explanation essay topics much easier to handle when you plan ahead. Use an explanation essay outline to order your thoughts before you start writing. If your explanations aren’t even clear to you, you can’t possibly expect your readers to follow along.
  • With complex essay styles you should write a first draft after completing the outline. Don’t expect to jump straight from outline to finished product in a single afternoon. Instead, set out to write your introductory paragraph again and again until you’re completely satisfied with it.
  • When composing your thesis statement remember that it is not an opinion piece. Nor is it the time to take a concrete position on the matter at hand. Instead, ensure that your statement is clear, concise and manageable. You don’t want a thesis that can’t be fully addressed within the confines of your essay.
  • One of the issues that trips many people up right away is the usage of pronouns in expository essays. You absolutely must not use first or second person pronouns like “I” and “you”. Rather, adopt the third person and stick with “he”, “she” and “it”.
  • Once you’ve written the first draft, read your essay through and examine it for poor logical flow and bad application of evidence. In other words, make sure that your analysis makes sense and that you’re using relevant information to support your explanation.
  • Check that each paragraph is laser-focused on the topic you intended to discuss. It’s all too easy to drift off on a tangent and miss the original target. The same goes for the transitions between paragraphs. Make sure the whole text flows in a logical, consistent and readable manner.
  • Check to see if your essays read well by roping in a friend to help. You could swap essays and let each other know whether you’ve approached your explanations properly.

Writing a perfect explanation essay is a task that takes plenty of dedication and practice. If you need to write an explanation essay Australia and its educational system will see in a positive light, you would do well to follow the indispensable advice given here. Writing essays is a skill that can be learned by example so check out templates and samples of the best explanations out there. And if you have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to order our Australian essay writing service.

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