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When you’re starting to write a comparison essay, you as a writer should always consider going through steps before proceeding with your introductory paragraph. You need to manage your thoughts. Having a chart would enable you to have a visual aid as well as the structure of how you are to create comparison essays. Your goal is to create a list of traits of both subjects in Australia for you to compare them with. You may also want to make a column for statements in your chart in order for you to explain the reasons why the items you’re writing about are different or similar. Once you have done it, you can start formulating your introductory paragraph and the essay itself.

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Introduction of a Comparison Essay

Comparison essay writing must begin with an introductory paragraph that can catch the attention of the reader. Get them into reading deeper with what you’ve written. Ensure that you’re able to give them a bird’s eye view of what your topic is about.

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A Comparison Essays Topic

Choosing your topic in writing a comparison essay is hard at times. This is because you have a lot of things that you can compare with one another. To ensure that you get to write a good essay, be sure that the things you are to compare belongs or similar to one another. This can periods of time, occasions, or your favorite fast food chain. A comparisons essay should consist of facts regarding the things you have chosen to highlight in your essay in Australia.  So, what are the best topics to talk about in an essay?

Sample Essay Topics

– Prom night to Halloween
– A pop singer to an R&B singer
– Banana catsup to a tomato catsup
– Riding a car to riding a bike
– The 1980’s to the 1990’s
– The New York Yankees to New York Knicks
– Nostradamus to Confucius
– Star Wars to Star Trek
– A lollipop to a chocolate bar
– Reading books to listening music

Those are the sample essay topics that you can choose from. Writing a comparison essay is always easy once you get the juice of what your topic is about. Be sure to highlight the best traits of the things you have chosen to compare.

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