Analytical Essay Writing Help Australia: How to Stop Summarizing and Start Analyzing

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According to Google, who of course knows everything, there have been more than 130 million books published. So if you are tasked with writing an analytical essay you have a huge amount of material to choose from. An analytical essay or choices essay Australia is an evaluation of a piece of writing and is a commonly set piece of writing within your education.

Our analytical essay writing help Australia is able to provide you with quality support with your assignments and papers. Submitting work that is not up to scratch is going to seriously harm your grades so it is very important that you use all help that is available to you. Our site can provide you with both writing advice as well as all of the help that you may need.

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What to Avoid When Writing an Analytical Essay in Australia

An analytical essay is one that will carefully analyze what a piece of writing, usually a book is all about. Its purpose is to look at how the work was written not just what was written. You will examine the themes and how the author uses imagery to achieve their aims. You will look at the detail of the writing to gain a much better understanding of what the author was trying to achieve.

One thing that critical analysis is not is a summary. While you may include a summary of what the work was about this is not the aim of your essay and this is often the biggest single mistake that many students make. Never simply summarize what you have read; analyze it carefully.

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How to Write the Best Analytical Essay

How you approach your writing will have a huge impact on the grades that you will receive. Firstly you must ensure that you fully understand what you are expected to write; if you do not fully understand what your tutor wants you need to clarify it with them. Also, do the reading; it is very hard to do any form of meaningful analysis if you have not actually read the book. You are not going to get all of the information that you need from the blurb on the back cover.

You also need to know the format of analytical essay Brisbane that is expected of you to ensure that you structure your work correctly. Typically you will be writing your essay as standard 5 paragraph essay with the introduction, main body and final conclusion. You should create an outline of your essay using this structure to guide your writing and to ensure that it will flow correctly. Your essay will look something like the following:

  • The introduction: Writing an introduction for analytical essay Sydney writing will require you to first set the scene and explain briefly the literary work that you are reviewing. Your opening lines need to be attention grabbing and able to motivate the reader to continue on to find out more of what you have to sat. your essay will also need a purpose, this is your thesis statement and is what you will seek to demonstrate through your writing. Your introduction should conclude by informing the reader how you are going to support your thesis.
  • The main body: This is your main formal analysis of the subject matter and you should seek to put together three arguments that will support your thesis. Each paragraph should cover a single subject and should start by introducing that subject. The following sentences then provide further details and expand on it before your final sentence shows the clear tie back to your thesis. For a standard essay there will be 3 paragraphs written. Obviously for longer and more in depth essays you will expand this section to include additional arguments and turn single paragraphs into larger sections for your paper.
  • Your conclusion: Briefly summarize the points that you have made without the introduction of any additional information and then show the logical connection as to how this all supports your original thesis. This can be followed by a call to action or personal comments of your own.

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Our Analytical Essay Service Sydney Can Help You

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